Are you looking for a tactful and profitable investment?
All the advantages of blockchain combined with the security and safety of physical gold
Unique token backed by a real, certified physical gold reserve
Expected medium-term valuation of 200%
Annual bonus of 2% in addition to returns
What could be safer than gold?

Aeon Flux has created the first gold-backed token, a true blockchain-based digital version of this precious metal.

Each Aeon Flux Gold Token is backed by 99.99% LBMA-certified physical gold issued by the German 100% liquid LBMA-certified Heimerle+Meule smelter.

What does this mean?

Unlike all other cryptocurrencies, Aeon Flux Gold Tokens, being digital gold assets, retain all the functionality of standard coins:



Like any cryptocurrency and more so as it is linked to physical gold, the Aeon Flux Gold Token has a limited number of units making it a very good store of value, as it is scarcer than any other form of value allocation, just like precious metals.


Cryptocurrencies are not a “commodity currency”, i.e. they do not normally also have a use function, like gold for example.

Aeon Flux Gold on the other hand will also function as a method of exchange, as it will allow the division of a gram of gold to 18 decimal places, thus lending itself to decentralised electronic transactions using gold.


The high volatility of cryptocurrencies certainly does not allow for a proper ‘unit of account’ function. 

The prices of major cryptocurrencies are subject to very large fluctuations, even within the same days. It is therefore highly inefficient, not to say impossible, to price goods and services in units of cryptocurrency. The Aeon Flux Gold tokens can also serve as a unit of account because they are backed by physical gold, which is therefore less subject to heavy fluctuations.

Why choose gold?

Gold is the “refuge” asset by excellence, regardless of the economic and financial crises that periodically occur in the world, more or less maintains its value over time.

This is why it is considered a safe investment and its performance over the last twenty years proves it.

Gold is a ‘safe haven’ asset and by analogy in the crypto world Bitcoin is often described as a form of digital gold. The gold-backed Aeon Flux Gold tokens, on the other hand, are a true blockchain-based digital version of the precious metal.

It can be said that a Bitcoin is worth what another investor agrees to pay for it, while a gold-backed Aeon Flux Gold Plus is worth what another investor agrees to pay for its underlying gold.

Andamento dell’oro dal 1973 al 2021

Token gold
The AeonFlux Gold Tokens
There are two Gold Tokens:

AeonFlux Gold

(Token Symbol: AFG) is the first born and each token corresponds to 1 gram of certified gold.

AeonFlux Gold Token Plus

(Token Symbol: AFGP) is a "balanced" token whose value is 50% backed by gold crypto assets (AFG token) and 50% by crypto assets.

The price of this token is expected to be worth $240 in the medium term, taking into account the expected growth component of the gold and cryptocurrency market..

Today, its purchase value is $96.

Aeon Flux Gold (AFG):
Aeon Flux Gold Plus (AFGP):
Now is the right time to buy Gold Tokens

The official launch of the Aeon Flux Gold Plus (AFGP) token took place on 25 November 2021.

Out of a total number of 21,000,000 AFGPs, 5 rounds of pre-sales have been made available through the Aeon Flux platform, 3041 are still available as of March 24, then it’s on to the next round.

Periodically we make available a certain amount of Gold Tokens and in parallel we increase the amount of physical gold attached to them.

The amount of LBMA 99.9999 certified physical gold that underpins Token Gold increases as the number of tokens sold increases and is held in high security vaults at the Heimerle+Meule gold smelter in Germany.

The ratio of issued tokens to gold reserves is defined in the table below.

0 $ 96,00 7.822,50 $ 679.440,00 5 Kg
1 $ 106,00 9.922,50 $ 951.615,00 7 Kg
2 $ 118,00 12.736,50 $ 1.359.773,00 10 Kg
3 $ 119,00 15.162,00 $ 1.632.442,00 12 Kg
4 $ 123,00 17.115,00 $ 1.904.655,00 14 Kg
5 $ 125,00 18.039,00 $ 2.040.125,00 15 Kg
TOTAL 80.797,50 $ 8.568.050,00 63 Kg
Additional bonus for choosing gold tokens

Stacking combined with the sale of AFGP tokens allows you to receive an annual bonus of 2% (with quarterly release of 0.5%) of additional AFGP tokens.

To benefit from the bonus, tokens must be stacked for at least 12 months.

Stack Annual Bonus Quarterly Bonus
Pack 2,0% 0,50%
Choose Aeonflux Gold Tokens
How to buy Gold Tokens

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