Aeon Flux Gold Plus (AFGP)


The Aeon Flux Token (AFGP tokent) is a cryptographic token that is issued by an Estonian company, closely linked 1: 1 to the shares of the fund, and built on the Binance Smart Chain network according to the standard BEP20 for tokens.

The Aeon Flux token is a value token variable that combines the structural stability of mutual funds of investment with the technological advantages of a cryptocurrency and the supervision of Estonian regulators. Tokens are created on the spot of the purchase on the Aeon Flux platform and redeemed or “destroyed” at the time of sale on the Aeon Flux platform.


Cryptocurrencies have recently seen a sharp surge in popularity and investor interest. These carry an important promise perhaps as much as the Internet itself, but they suffer from one substantial volatility in the prices of individual instruments, thus hindering investment in them.

Aeon Flux aims to overcome this problem by creating a token, suitable for the collection of money with a public of savers in order to invest capital on the market with the primary criterion investment diversification, thus reducing the risk compared to a direct investment in one single cryptocurrency and maximizing the risk-return combination.

Furthermore, thanks to the fragmentation of the token, it is possible to take a “customized” exposure to the fund.

Main Features


Aeon Flux company is regulated by Estonian authorities. AFGP is also approved and regulated by this authorities and fully-backed by allocated gold and other assets.


You have access to the gold and other assets buying and stored process.

Highly Accessible

Built as an BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. AFGP can easily be moved or traded anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Micro Investment

We believe each of you has the right to a reliable form of value. You can now micro accumulate gold and crypto with AFGP tokens.

Investment Diversification

Aeon Flux company is regulated by Estonian authorities. AFGP is also approved and regulated by this authorities and fully-backed by allocated gold and other assets.

24/7 Customer Support

A global customer support team is ready at your service around the clock.


AFGP is one of the few financial tokens that you can redeem with cashsettlement procedure.


Easily convert or redeem AFGP for fiat or otherwise via centralized and exchange platforms.

Transparency and Proof of Solvency

The construction of an asset-backed token encounters a major fiduciary problem. The issue total of tokens must never exceed the net value of the fund. Desirable outcomes in a system that relies (at least in part) on trust require supervision.

In the context of a token, it is crucial that the issuer should be subject to and authorized to oversight regulation. Aeon Flux, an Estonian company, as the issuer of the token operates under the direct supervision and regulations of the Estonian authorities.

From this it is clear that transparency is the key requirement of the system, guaranteeing its integrity and generating confidence in the market. To this end, the backend management of the Aeon Flux token is partly entrusted to a Smart Contract (SC).

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Creation, Redemption, Transfer and Exchange

A simple and accurate token creation and redemption mechanism is the key to promoting usability and encouraging adoption.

Tokens are created when purchased by customers on the Aeon Flux platform. Tokens are “destroyed” when they are redeemed by customers through a cash settlement procedure on the Aeon Flux platform. Customers can exchange the token for the respective equivalent in stable coin, Aeon flux token, or fiat currency by placing a sell order on the Aeon Flux platform. The token can be transferred over the network

Binance Smart Chain is traded on a centralized exchange and DEX platforms.

Token issuance scenarios: • Issue in the ITO phase

1) The issue of the Aeon Flux token requires the determination of the initial sale price.

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2) We will proceed with the ITO phase in which the token will be sold and at the end of it it will be determined how many tokens were sold.

3) At this point the value of the token corresponds to its issue price.

4) Aeon Flux will operate with the raised capital thus determining

increases or decreases in the value of the token.

• The sale value of the Token in the ITO phase is set at $ 96.00.
• Total funding is $ 8.5 million.
• $ 4.25 million in gold crypto assets and $ 4.25 million are purchased

and paid into the basket divided into crypto assets.
• 89,250 tokens ($ 8.5 million / $ 96.00) are generated and distributed.

• Issuance in the post-ITO phase

1) The Aeon Flux token being representative of a basket has no reason to have a max supply and consequently, there is the possibility of issuing new tokens towards the same or new investors.

2) The capital contributed by a new investor will be followed by the issue of new tokens, which are not they will have a price given by the formula: BASKET VALUE / TOKEN ISSUED.

Arbitrage and Alignment of Prices

The possibility of exchanging the token on an external exchange, centralized or decentralized, is foreseen later at the start of activities by Aeon Flux. At the time of listing and any subsequently Bearish pressures on the market could temporarily misalign the price of the token and its value intrinsic by opening arbitrage possibilities between Aeon’s external and internal trading platforms Flux (token refund).

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Composition of the Fund

The fund represented by the token takes exposure to the various assets via asset-backed tokens to obtain a fluid and optimized management, in particular of the subscription and redemption procedures. Nello Specifically, a basket of assets is envisaged consisting of:

• Gold-based Crypto Assets, with a stable presence of 50% in the basket*

• Currencies/Crypto, with the remainder of the basket: this section of the basket will be constantly in a movement to take advantage of market opportunities; provides the possibility to operate with trading, staking, arbitrage, and with the financial transactions that can carry out currencies/crypto.

*the crypto asset part of the basket in gold is constantly rebalanced to keep a stable percentage of 50%, could still have a temporary variation, too important, due to the strong volatility of the portion of the basket managed in currencies and crypto.

Basket Description for Each Token

• 50% Gold (AFXG Token representing physical Gold).
• 30% Crypto Low Risk (Usdt-Busdt – Stable Coin).
• 15% Medium Risk Crypto (Crypto with Fundamentals such as BnB, Sol, Ada, Matic, ETH, BTC, etc. Etc.).
• 5% Crypto Speculative (I.c.o, i.d.o., Private sales, etc. Etc.).

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As commonly envisaged in investment funds, Aeon Flux also charges commissions on certain operations. Right away:
  • Subscription and redemption fees, applied when the investor buy-sell the token on the Aeon Flux platform. *
  • Management fees, applied periodically on the investment made by the investor in tokens by Aeon Flux. **
* costs imposed by the Binance network, Aeon Flux will not charge additional costs to the investor. ** The management fee is variable. However, it will not exceed 10% on an annual basis.

Contract Specifications

The token specification requires a network that allows for decentralized application development (including smart contracts) that can be used to store and transfer tokens based on certain conditions. The Binance Smart Chain Network meets these criteria and has a technical standard for tokens, the “BEP20” standard, which has seen widespread adoption. Consequently, the Aeon Flux token it can be transferred to the Binance Smart Chain network and stored in any Binance Smart Chain address.

Contract Changes

The Aeon Flux token system implements the following security features:

1) Offline Keys: Keys that approve high-risk actions, such as token generation or destruction with consequent movement of the underlying assets, they are stored offline in cold storage owner of Aeon Flux.

2) Generation of keys: the keys are generated through specific security procedures, archived and managed by integrated hardware safety modules.

3) Double check (multi-signature): High risk actions require approval from at least two signatories. We use a signature system M of N, so that already with M = 2 we obtain both safety and tolerance to breakdowns.

Introduction to Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain operating in parallel with Binance Chain.

In essence, both blockchains operate side by side. BSC is not a layer scaling solution to off-chain, but an independent blockchain that can also work if Binance Chain went offline. That said, both systems bear a strong design similarity.

Unlike the latter, Binance Smart Chain offers smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Since BSC is compatible with EVM, for users, it means that essential applications such as MetaMask can be easily configured to work with BSC.

Binance Smart Chain uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm implemented on a Proof model of Staked Authority (or PoSA), where BNB token holders staking BNB becoming validators, remunerated by transaction fees.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by Binance Smart Chain, BSC native or non-native assets can be employed in the decentralized finance sector. This, in relation to the Aeon Flux token, allows you to get extra returns to investors and Aeon Flux to get returns on reserve tokens.

BEP20 Standard

BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that provides the functionality:
  • Interoperability: Use compatible tokens on different blockchains.
  • Tokenization: Making tokens of other blockchains available on BSC by converting them (Peg).
  • Standardization: Exchange BEP-2 tokens for BEP-20 equivalents.
  • Efficiency: network fees as low as $ 0.05 and a block time of just 3 seconds.
For the technical section, please refer to the Binance Smart Chain WhitePaper at the following link. ** The management fee is variable. However, it will not exceed 10% on an annual basis.

Token Metrics

The Aeon Flux token includes the following metrics:

  • EXTENDED NAME: Aeon Flux Gold Plus.
  • DECIMALS: 18.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Binance Smart Chain.
  • MAX SUPPLY: 21,000,000
  • TOTAL SUPPLY: Total tokens issued.
  • CIRCULATING SUPPLY: Tokens issued and circulating on the market. • AEON FLUX RESERVE: Tokens issued and held by Aeon Flux.

The relationships between the aforementioned variables are:


Smart Contract & Aeon Flux Backend

The Aeonflux Smart Contract and backend system manages the token flow and the balancing of the basket.
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Let’s see below how Smart Contract & Backend (hereinafter SC & BE) interact in the various phases: 1) Token purchase
  • The investor makes the payment.
  • Aeon Flux proceeds with the 50/50 split between the purchase of crypto assets in gold and currencies/crypto.
  • An oracle communicates to the SC the investor’s address and the information that the funds were correctly divided in the basket.
  • The SC proceeds with the creation of Tokens following the rule ADDED VALUE TO THE BASKET/VALUE TOKEN and sends them directly to the investor.
2) Token sale
  • The BE receives the request for sale from the investor.Case 1 – Buyer presence: the BE, having verified the presence of a willing investor upon purchase, proceeds with liquidating the seller and providing the new investor with the tokens due. Case 2 – buyer absence: the BE, having verified that there are no new buyers, proceeds by liquidating the funds in the basket and liquidating the seller; the SC will burn the tokens of the investor to maintain the correct balance of the BASIS VALUE equation/TOKEN NUMBER.
3) Staking (when the investor proceeds with the staking of their tokens, Aeon Flux can opt for a longer-term strategy by structuring an operation that allows it to be better performance; this difference in earnings will be paid to investors in the form of tokens additional).
  • The BE calculates the difference between the yield of the basket underlying the tokens in staking and the yield of the basket underlying the tokens not in staking and will rebalance the basket using that yield providing the information to the SC.
  • The SC will create the Tokens and distribute them in proportion to the investors who have the Tokens in Staking.
  • The basket has a total value of $ 40,000.
  • The currency/crypto basket has a value of $ 20,000.
  • There are 100,000 Tokens in circulation (0.4$ per Token) of which 30% (30,000) in staking for 3 months.
  • 70% of the basket in currencies/crypto in the 3 months has a yield of 15%.
  • 30% of the basket in currencies/crypto in the 3 months has a yield of 20%.
  • The difference between the two yields (5%) has an equivalent value of $ 1000.
  • The € 300 will not contribute to the increase in the value of the Tokens because it will be spread in the basket creating new Tokens.
  • The basket therefore increased by 15% out of 20,000: 43,000 ($ 40,000 + 7.5%).
  • The 1000 € are transformed into Token following the YIELD DIFFERENCE formula/(BASKET VALUE/TOKEN NUMBER = TOKEN VALUE): $ 300/($ 43,000/$ 100,000 = $ 0.43) = 697.9744 Tokens.
  • The new Tokens created will be redistributed to the Token holders in Staking: 30.000 + 697.9744.

Internal Use of The Token


Staking takes the form of a bound deposit of tokens at the upcoming Aeon Flux smart contract remunerated by interest paid in the form of tokens. The periods of “lock” of the tokens in staking come managed by the smart contract and the Aeon Flux backend.
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Staking Plans

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Stacking Plans are configured as a form of fixed deposit. These provide for the raising of capital in the form of fiat or cryptocurrency, remunerated through the payment of interest in the form of Aeon Flux tokens.

Collection rounds will be determined and a second token number will be issued for each round of the formula. CRYPTO ASSET ORO AEON FLUX VALUE/GOLD TOKEN VALUE CRYPTO ASSET GOLD VALUE corresponds to 50% of the value of the AeonFlux financial token.

GOLD TOKEN VALUE corresponds to the value of the Tokens that are part of the based investment basket.

Example of stacking plan:

  • The investor makes a payment in fiat currency or crypto to Aeon Flux of $1000 in Round 0.
  • Therefore, Aeon Flux has $ 10,000 within 1 specific account (let’s call it ACCOUNT A)
  • Aeon Flux deals with the management of the capital to return the investor in 12 months. Percentage remuneration 2% of the invested capital (200$) and every 3 months an equivalent of $50 to the customer (4 times)
  • To return the $50, Aeon Flux takes the sum and divides it as follows: $25 by buying crypto assets in gold (let’s call it ACCOUNT B). 25 $ buying currencies, traditional and crypto (let’s call it ACCOUNT C)
  • Once the $ 50 has been deposited in the total basket (ACCOUNT B and ACCOUNT C), Aeon Flux generates an equivalent token value given by the following equation:
    ▶ INTEREST ($50 in the example)/TOKEN VALU
    ▶ The generated tokens will be transferred to the investor’s account

The investor can:

a) Keep the tokens with the intent of making a capital gain.

b) Store the tokens with the same intent and also stake your tokens, that is undertake not to sell them, blocking them in the Aeon Flux wallet and receiving an extra return in addition to the capital gain generated by the token.

c) Request a refund of your tokens on the Aeon Flux platform or sell them through an exchange.

Aeon Flux reserves to guarantee the plans:

Given the highly speculative purpose of the project, Aeon Flux has established a hard and fast rule to increase investment plans: the maximum amount that the company can collect with these plans will be equal to a quarter of the capital raised by institutional investors and will enjoy a reserve of Aeon Flux tokens having part of the counter value of the plans.

Mathematical Elements

The mathematical operations suitable for calculating the useful values are:


  • “V“ Value of an Aeon Flux token.
  • “NAV” Net value of the fund denominated in dollars.
  • ”SUPPLY” Total number of tokens issued.

T= I/V

  • “T” Number of tokens corresponding to a certain interest.
  • “I” Interest to be paid. Denominated in dollars.
  • “V” Value of an Aeon Flux token.

T= C/V

  • “T” Number of tokens corresponding to a certain capital.
  • “C” Capital is denominated in dollars paid by the investor.
  • “V” Value of an Aeon Flux token.


Aeon Flux offers fintech solutions that bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance, taking advantage of the best of each faction to guarantee the investor an alternative and up-to-date solution evolutions that the market imposes.

We have proposed a solution for a token representative of a mutual fund that establishes trust between parties through cryptographic evidence and regulatory scrutiny. Technical design is implemented on the Binance Smart Chain network. This includes an update feature and a token issuance and redemption mechanism that provides the desired level of security and flexibility. Together, these implementations form the Aeon Flux Token a regulated token that also allows small investors to benefit from the best optimization of the risk-return binomial by benefiting access to the cryptocurrency market with performance.

This whitepaper provides an overview of the business and technology behind the Aeon Flux Gold Token (AFG) project. The information shared in this whitepaper is not all-inclusive or complete and the whitepaper is in no way intended to create or implement any element of a contractual relationship. All rights and obligations of all parties involved are defined exclusively by the General Terms and Conditions (T&C) available here: www.Afluxcoin.com]